About Us

We are a family business, of beekeepers, we are beekeepers first and foremost.  It is at the heart of all that we do.  We currently run 200 hives in Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex.

We will only harvest honey which is surplus to the bees' requirements.  To do this we leave a whole box of their honey on the each of the colonies and harvest honey from extra boxes that they fill when they have a good flow of nectar. 
All our honey is harvested from each apiary individually and sold with the location on the labelling enabling our customers to buy a honey that really is local to them.

We pick all our sites for their unique locations.  All have something special for the bees to work.  Some are wildflower meadows, sweet chestnut woodlands, orchards, lime avenues, ivy etc.  We also take around 35 - 40 hives every season to the New Forest where we harvest an award winning crop of heather honey.
All our wax products are made from our own beeswax from the cappings of the extracted honey and old honeycombs that we have to replace when necessary.

All our products are made by ourselves on a small scale.  All very unique and with the natural aroma of honey.
​Where To Find Us

We Attend the following Farmers' Markets:

Southampton, 1st Saturday of the Month (from March 2018).  Guildford, 1st Tuesday of the Month.  Petersfield, 1st Sunday of the Month.  Winchester, 2nd and last Sunday of the Month.  Emsworth, 3rd Saturday of the Month.  Southsea, 3rd Sunday of the Month.  Milford, Secretts, 3rd Sunday of the Month.  Farnham Surrey, 4th Sunday of the Month.  Godalming Surrey, last Saturday of the Month (from March 2018).

Other booked events:

Hamble Food Festival - Saturday 5th May
Alresford Watercress Festival - Sunday 20th May
South of England Show Thursday 7th June - Saturday 9th June.
Alton Regency Week - Saturday 16th June

Trew Fields Festival - Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July
Southsea Food Festival - Sunday 15th July
Emsworth Horticultural Show - Bank Holiday Monday 27th August
Hamble Food Festival - Saturday 1st September
Fleet Festival - Sunday 23rd September

Emsworth (British Food Fortnight) - Saturday 29th September.
Southampton Christmas Festival - Saturday 1st December
Petersfield Christmas Festivities - Sunday 2nd December
Petersfield Christmas Market - Sunday 23rd December